Image of a well-maintained garden with bright flowers and gardening tools

For the green-fingered amongst us, maintaining a garden is a labour of love. For such individuals, keeping their garden spick and span is a pleasure but, for many of us, gardening is a bit of a chore. If you’re selling your home, however, it really is in your best interest to both get your garden ship-shape and to keep it that way until you’ve sold it.

Luckily, with a few handy tips and tricks – and a little investment – getting your garden looking great needn’t be an insurmountable task. Here are our top five:

  1. Cut the grass

As obvious as it may seem, an overgrown lawn isn’t going to appeal to any potential buyer whether they’re a keen gardener or not. So, make sure your lawn is well-maintained.

Even a large lawn can be mowed in very little time if it’s been cared for. If you’ve been a little bit slack and let it grow too long, consider paying a gardener to get it back to a manageable length. It’ll cost you very little money, will save you a lot of time and, most importantly, will make it much easier to maintain whilst your home is on the market.

  1. Add some colour

With just a few hanging baskets or flowers, you can make your garden much more attractive. These can be obtained affordably and, unlike your home’s interior, colourful arrangements won’t put off potential buyers. Both gardeners and non-gardeners alike will be impressed which will make a sale more likely.

  1. Pressure wash paths and paving

You know how important it is to keep your house clean whilst it’s on the market, and your garden is no different.

By pressure washing paths and paving, you’ll wash away moss and other unsightly features that build up over time. This equipment can be hired for a nominal fee. Alternatively, many companies now offer this service.

You could even kill two birds with one stone by washing your house’s exterior, drive etc. at the same time.

  1. Paint sheds and garden furniture

Sprucing up your shed and garden furniture with a lick of paint can make them look brand new which will further enhance your garden. Remember that it’s all about setting a scene and well-maintained features will help you show possible buyers your garden’s full potential.

  1. Hide your bins

It may be glaringly obvious but, as you’d be surprised how often they’re left out in plain sight, please ensure that your bins are stored – your freshly painted shed is the perfect place for them.