It’s very important when you’re selling your home that you show it to potential buyers at its very best, sparkling windows, flowers on the table, fresh laundered bedding, garden perfectly manicured and dog out of the way. You really need to make a great first impression on the viewer to encourage them that your home is the one that they want.

Even if time goes on and maybe viewings become less frequent, you must hold on to the fact that every new viewing is a step closer to selling your home and that the very next viewer, might be that perfect person to buy your home.

78% of buyers make up their mind about whether the property is a potential property for them to buy within the first 90 seconds of walking through the front door, so remember, keep that passion and enthusiasm flowing and keep your home looking fantastic for every viewing.

To keep you on track, and your house looking great, here are my seven top tips to do before every viewing.

  • De-clutter – Buyers judge room sizes by how much floor space they can see, so put all those magazines and letters in a draw and de-clutter your kitchen work tops. Get rid of anything that doesn’t add to the presentation and that could distract the viewer. If you’re short of time and space, grab a cardboard box and walk around your home, gathering up anything that shouldn’t be there and stick it into your car until after the viewing.
  • Clear out the cobwebs – Open windows to let in some fresh air, even more important if you have pets or like spicy foods, don’t make your house feel cold though, it should smell fresh, but shouldn’t feel chilly as you walk around.
  • The right lighting – Have you ever been to look around a show home? Developers always have all the lights on, even in the summer months; usually table lamps are enough to add a warming inviting glow. Under lights in the kitchen are especially good if you have them.
  • Bedding and towels – Fresh bedding and towels are essential as they greatly enhance the first impressions of your home. You can always keep a spare duvet ready dressed which you can pop over each bed just before the viewing. Same with towels, keep some hidden in the airing cupboard just for viewings.
  • Flowers – Nothing looks or smells better than fresh cut flowers. Use them to brighten up a table or sideboard.
  • Finishing touches – All the old clichés still work, put on some low relaxing music, brew some coffee and get ready for SHOW TIME.

Make yourself scarce – Most potential buyers find it awkward looking around your home when your there, and feel uncomfortable to give you honest feedback. Take your dog and children out (if you have them) and leave your agent to do what they do best.

If you would like any further advice on staging your home or would like a professional visual merchandiser to stage it for you, why not drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.