So you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home and are looking to place it on the open market, but want a few tips on how to show it in its best light without spending a small fortune. Four things that make the most difference 1. Don’t look at your house as a whole – start by picking a room and sorting your possessions into two piles. Pile one – things that you can sell, give to charity or throw away Pile Two – furniture that you don’t need to use immediately and that can be put into storage until you’re sold. You should now be left with a spacious non cluttered room, now move onto the next room. 2. Freshen up those walls – It’s amazing what a coat or two of paint can do to the feel of your home, keeping the colours neutral will make the rooms look bigger and an accent wall will add the wow factor. 3. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses – do your kitchen cupboards look dated or worn, if so change the fascia’s and add modern door handles. Do your worktops look worn and need replacing or does the flooring need updating? Same thing for the bathroom, does it need re-corking or a new lino floor? Is the extractor fan working? If it doesn’t have a window, make sure that you use a high wattage bulb to add maximum light in to the room. 4. Front and rear gardens – imagine yourself pulling up to your front door for the first time, what is your first impressions? Check your fascia’s and soffits, do they need painting or washing down if UPVC? Make sure the lawn is cut and beds weeded. A hanging basket or two will brighten things up. First Impressions really do count.

It’s very important when you’re selling your home that you show it to potential buyers at its very best, sparkling windows, flowers on the table, fresh laundered bedding, garden perfectly manicured and dog out of the way. You really need to make a great first impression on the viewer to encourage them that your home is the one that they want.

Reading is a traditional commuter belt town with its own local economy. Major international companies are headquartered here, including technology giant Microsoft and pharmaceutical company Bayer.

There is a large shopping and leisure centre, the Oracle, on the banks of the River Kennet, and just two miles out you can buy in rural riverside communities such as Henley or Sonning-on-Thames (George Clooney has recently moved here).

A neat and well-maintained garden

For the green-fingered amongst us, maintaining a garden is a labour of love. For such individuals, keeping their garden spick and span is a pleasure but, for many of us, gardening is a bit of a chore. If you’re selling your home, however, it really is in your best interest to both get your garden ship-shape and to keep it that way until you’ve sold it.

Luckily, with a few handy tips and tricks – and a little investment – getting your garden looking great needn’t be an insurmountable task. Here are our top five:

Selling your home in Reading

So, you’ve bitten the bullet, made the final decision; it’s time to sell your home and move on. This is a decision that will undoubtedly result in excitement, but this positivity can quickly give way to stress and anxiety if you find yourself encountering problems like a lack of interest from buyers.

Luckily, by being prepared and priming your home for sale beforehand, you can significantly increase the likelihood of a quick sale and maintain the enthusiasm that comes with the decision to move. Here are, in Property IQ’s opinion, the five things you must do before you put your house on the market:

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